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Transfer Pricing

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Transfer Pricing

Transfer Pricing Study.

Our professionals have years of experience with large organizations and the majority holds professional certifications or graduate degrees. The combination of highly relevant, deep experience and our collaborative team model ensures that your team will be able to benefit from our support.

The Transfer Pricing Report must be performed according to the professional requirements contents on the Standards and Regulations of the Tax Authority and according to the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development Transfer Pricing Guidelines.

Have to be determined if the transactions realized by the company with related entities are at market value, fundamental basis for the development of the Transfer Pricing Report.

The structure of the Transfer Pricing Report contents:

Transactional information with related entities.

Economic financial information.

Functional information.

Transactions subject to analysis

Selection of the best method and Comparability Analysis.

Annual Affidavit 1907

The company has to fulfill the information required by the Tax Authority at the Form 1907.

Our Services:

Advisory services for complying with the Transfer Pricing Regulations.

Transfer Pricing Diagnostic.

Tax Planning under Transfer Pricing.

Transfer Pricing Study.

Advanced Pricing Agreements with the Tax Administration.

Annual Affidavit 1907.

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