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Start Up

A good orientation when starting business activity is essential for the proper functioning of the company; therefore you must rely on experts like us with over 15 years of experience in the market.

The services offered are:

  • Legal Representation (Start-Up).
  • Business Advice and Information for the investors.
  • Legal Representation in Banks and Financial Institutions.
  • Executes and coordinates tasks for Municipality and other authorities compliance.
  • Advice on the implementation of electronic invoicing, as necessary.
  • Legal Address.
  • Review of Accounting from previous supplier and delivery of report findings to improve processes and reduce fiscal risks.
  • Advising on foreign investment (Capital- Loan- DL 600).
  • Advising on Repatriation of Capital and profits.
  • Collaboration and partnerships with Lawyers office.

Bookkeeping and Back Office

We do not only register transactions, we advise you at the decision making process, saving present and future’s administrative costs. We manage your most sensitive areas.

Our Services:

  • Bookkeeping In Local GAAP- IFRS-U.S. GAAP.
  • Management of Accounts Receivable Billing.
  • Management of Account Payables.
  • Funds Management – Treasury.
  • Local Reports GAAP / U.S. GAAP / IFRS.
  • Management and Special Reports requested by Headquarters.
  • Analysis of monthly accounts.
  • Advice in management of Inventory and Stock.
  • Cash Flow.
  • Legal books up to date.
  • Courier Services.
  • Other Services.


Payroll Management is one of the most sensitive areas inside an organization. Choosing the correct provider will reduce mistakes, risks and, above all, avoid internal conflicts.

Our Services:

  • Advice in Labour Matters.
  • Monthly Preparation and calculation of confidential executive payroll.
  • Payroll for Foreigners and Expatriates.
  • Preparation and sent of payslips.
  • Calculation of New Law Full Week.
  • Payment of payroll by the client.
  • Preparation and payment of Social Security by Previred.
  • Preparation of monthly legal book.
  • Preparation of Monthly Tax Declaration base on Payroll.
  • Preparation of Labour and Services Contracts and Termination Letters.

Advice in payroll matters and taxes associated

Foreign Investment in Chile is regulated by local rules and international agreements to which the country has subscribed and Foreign Investment is subject also to the rules contained in the bilateral investment treaties between Chile and other nations.

The heavy tax burden should not affect the final line of your financial statements, assisted by experts.

Our Services:

  • Fiscal Advisor in Treaties to avoid double taxation.
  • Calculation and Payment of Royalties.
  • Preparation and Calculation of tax to foreigners in Chile.
  • Coordinates payment of withholding taxes as necessary.
  • Preparation of monthly VAT declaration.
  • Preparation and Calculation of external remittance and related taxes.
  • Determination of Annual Income Tax.
  • Determination of Owner’s Capital.
  • Preparation of Taxable profits fund.
  • Sworn Statements / Tax Service / Sence.
  • Stamp of Legal Documentation.

Transfer Pricing

Transfer Pricing Study.

Our professionals have years of experience with large organizations and the majority holds professional certifications or graduate degrees. The combination of highly relevant, deep experience and our collaborative teaming model ensures that your team will be able to benefit from our support.

The Transfer Pricing Report must be performed according to the professional exigencies contents on the Standards and Regulations of the Tax Authority and according to the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development Transfer Pricing Guidelines.

Have to be determined if the transactions realized by the company with related entities are at market value, fundamental basis for the development of the Transfer Pricing Report.

The structure of the Transfer Pricing Report contents:

  • Transactional information with related entities.
  • Economic financial information.
  • Functional information.
  • Transactions subject to analysis
  • Selection of the best method and Comparability Analysis.

Annual Affidavit 1907

  • The company has to fulfill the information required by the Tax Authority at the Form 1907.

Our Services:

  • Advisory services for complying with the Transfer Pricing Regulations.
  • Transfer Pricing Diagnosis.
  • Tax Planning under Transfer Pricing.
  • Transfer Pricing Study.
  • Advanced Pricing Agreements with the Tax Administration.
  • Annual Affidavit 1907.

International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS)

For a country like Chile, the adoption of IFRS is an important step in the process of adhering to international standards and good practices in general. These accounting standards facilitate comparison across global issuers, as they provide a common language basis, a fact that is widely recognized in the countries that have already adopted IFRS. In addition, they improve and increase information available to investors, including more elements related to economic and financial behavior and risk assessment of the firms. In theory, all this should increase market efficiency and reduce capital cost.

We work in your needs with the appropriate approach, we can help you understand how the changes in the standards affect your financial statements and assist you in making the complex accounting policy decisions required and our work is carried out directly with departments and sectors involved. Following the development of the new proceedings – is it treated directly with the professionals involved to provide incentives to criticism aware of the work being done, we provide operational and subject matter expertise within Finance & Accounting, IT, Treasury & Tax, HR, and all other functional areas affected by IFRS. Assisting in the development of future state financials to understand the impact of IFRS on the financial statements.

Our Services:
  • IFRS Convergence.
  • Consulting and Support.
  • Training & Insights.


Our Audit Services are aimed to deliver tools which allow our clients to improve process and minimize mistakes. Not only an opinion but the solution!

Support in areas or subjects that might need a quick and confidence solution.

Our audits or internal reviews are aimed to assist the Administration to improve processes that allows the company to organize and implement controls that will provide security and can decrease the unnecessary tax burden.

Our compromise will be to:

  • Analyzing and suggestions for improvements.
  • Advice on accounting treatments misapplied.
  • Analyze financial accounts.
  • Write procedures that allows adjusting tax burdens.
  • Cooperate and to monitor the implementation of new procedures.

Our Services are:

  • Advising on Financial Matters.
  • Audits of Financial Statements.
  • Internal Audits or Reviews.